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History of the Sixteen Major Odu Ifa

Odu Iwori_Meji


Iwori-Meji is the Orisa Odu that deals with finding things wherever it is in Orun and Aye. This Odu is seen as the eyes of all other Odus. Odu Iwori-Meji is also the Odu that stopped humans from walking down from Orun to Aye.

This Odu explained how human beings are formed from one another. It makes us understand that when Obatala molds a human or Orun and Olodumare gives the breath of life, the human then proceeds on the journey to earth and to the appointed parents who will already be waiting at the crossroad of Orun and Aye to receive their baby. This created a lot of hatred and animosity between inhabitants of Aye because there was no true love and connection between people and real family connection was non-existent. Murder and chaos was the order of the day. This made Olodumare to instruct Iwori-Meji to create Ase (female eggs) and Ato (male sperm) into the body of humans. Before lwori-Meji came there was no sexual act between men and women and the knowledge did not exist of how to copulate and the female beings did not know anything about menstruation.

Iwori-Meji explained to the inhabitants of Aye how Ase will come every month for a woman and how a man must copulate with a woman. This was how human beings started having children from their own flesh and blood, and stopped walking down from Orun. This created peace, harmony, and true love and a special bond between the inhabitants because they now felt compassion for their own flesh and blood. The Odu Iwori-Meji is also the eyes of all other Odus because it is the Odu that sees whatever is hidden on earth and in Orun.

This is the reason why the proverb says Otun wo, iwori wo ohun abadijowo gungun ni gun. That is, Odi searches, Iwori helps, whatever is looked for together will surely be revealed. Aboru Aboye nile Ifa!



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