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Post 9

September 2020

Me'je Oruka Broadsword Part 4
Ogun Energy: Metal, Warrior, Clearer of the Path, Defender of Truth

Namaste’ Students and Fellow Martial Arts Enthusiasts!

A brief description of the Ase of Orisa Ogun

When we are conjuring the spirit of overwhelming power, this is the Orisa whose Ase we want to invoke and evoke. I know! For those of you who are new to this aspect of the 7 Circles System, don’t try to believe. Rather simply try to understand, and then apply what you do understand. Me’je Oruka is not a system of belief; it is a particular lens through which we can see and interact with the world. Your eyes change the characteristics of the lenses of your eyes depending of what you are looking to see – how far away is it? How much foreground-background contrast is there? How larger or small, common or unique is it? When you are looking at the various aspects of life, including fighting and warfare, it is good to have various lenses through which to see your obstacles and your path to overcoming. You can think of it as quantum physics represented in a different language. Me’je Oruka and the Ifa Tradition upon which it is built, simply describes the world, and human interactions, in the language of proverbs rather than the language of mathematics.

Bi Owe, Bi Owe, ru Ifa soro!
Like proverbs, like proverbs is how Ifa speaks! (Ifa is an ancient oral tradition.)

Ifa kii puro, Ifa kii seke
Ohun tiyoo sele nifa nwi!

Ifa does not lie, Ifa does not back bite;
Ifa simply says what will happen!

Remember, whenever you are seeking knowledge, trust your heart-mind to connect you to that which will benefit you, and then, respectfully leave the rest alone. When we are training, more times than not, it is important to imagine an opponent in front of us (or opponents around us). This visualization helps to sink the qi and to raise the shen (spirit). The mindset of preparedness for war is one of Orisa Ogun’s principle attributes. War, in one form or another; conflict of one sought or another is going to occur in the marketplace (L’oja). The Ase of Ogun is physical, mental, and spiritual preparedness.

Use Part 4 of the form to invoke and evoke the Ase of the Sentient Energetic Matrix that we call Orisa Ogun. Feel the powerful cuts, and the way the movements create jing (potential for explosive power) in your body. Find the breath of the warrior in the battle that is taking place. Become one with your weapon, your broadsword.

Orisa Ogun
The Lord of Iron

Mo juba awo Ogun.
I humble myself before the mystery of Ogun.
Iwo ni Oluwa Irin.
You are the Lord of Iron.
Iwo ni Alabo Otito.
You are the Defender of Truth.
Iwo ni Ologun Julo Nase, Oluwa Ogun.
You are the Most Powerful Warrior, the Lord of War.
Iwo ni Onire.
You are the King of the city of Ire.
Iwo ni Oluwa Ikannu Ina.
You are the Lord of the Fury of Fire.
Iwo ni Oluwa Ebo Eje-tutu.
You are the Lord of the Blood Sacrifice.

There is a Yoruba saying:

Whichever divinity regards Ogun as of no consequence, will eat his yams with his hands (i.e. unprepared) for times without number.”

In Part 4 of the Me’je Oruka Broadsword, Orisa Ogun is at war!

It is Obatala who laid out the blueprint for this reality and is the thread of this creation. It is Orunmila who provided the wisdom for the implementation of Obatala’s blueprint. It is Orunmila and Eshu-Elegba who provided a communications bridge between the heavenly and earthly realms, and Eshu-Elegba who provided for a dynamic experience among the ‘wisdom seekers’ by establishing the laws that govern choice, chance, and change.

What is important to understand and remember is that all of these energetic entities we are speaking about here are aspects of your true self, which is Pure Potential. Martial arts training today needs to fulfill two important needs, just as it has for thousands of years. First is the development of the complete and balanced individual, followed by the dissolution of the ego and the emergence of Isopo (connectivity with the larger whole). Second is the building of the body, mind, and spirit into something that was not born, but is made through right training, disciplined study, and diligent practice. Building that which is prepared for war will require the integration and cooperation of all of your parts or aspects. You are all of this and more!

It is Yemoja/Olokun who allowed Obatala to call forth aiye (earth) from the depths of the sea, and iye (life) from the essence of water. And it is Orisha Ogun who cleared the path of obstacles and stands as the defender of the purity and excellence of Olodumare’s experiences in this reality. It is Obatala who creates blood, Yemoja who uses blood to create life, Orunmila who informs us when blood is to be ‘let’ according to the will of the Orisha, Ogun who ‘lets’ blood, and Eshu-Elegba who regulates the circumstances and controls the forces by which all of these manifestations are expressed.

In many respects, Ogun is considered chief among the Orisha, and is paid due regard right along with Eshu-Elegba. And because of this early service in behalf of the mission of Obatala, Ogun is associated with clearing the path and removing barriers.

Orisa Ogun is the Lord of Earthly Fire, for without control over fire he could not exercise authority over the use of iron, steel and all metals. In order to give structure to the firmament under our feet, and in order to provide the ‘wisdom seekers’ with the tools to work out our existence in this reality, Obatala called upon this primordial sentient entity, Orisha Ogun, to help weave the web of the ecosystem that supports life on planet earth. It is the strength of Ogun’s Ase that keeps the land that Obatala raised from the realm of Olokun from dropping back to the depths of the sea.

Iba se Orisa Ogun!
Homage to Orisa Ogun!

Can you recognize the Ogun energy in yourself? Can you feel his strength ready to burst forth, clearing the path, and driving back all enemies? Can you find that attribute in yourself?

In this month's video lesson Seifu Sharif demonstrates Part 4 of the Me'je Oruka Broadsword Form.

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It is not simply practice that makes perfect. It is perfect practice and consistent practice that makes perfect.

Enjoy the journey!

Namaste'! Live Wu-Te!


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