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7 Animals of Me'je Oruka

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Dragon Style


Crane Style


Monkey Style


Mantis Style


Snake Style


Eagle Style




This website is dedicated to the Students of Seifu A.S. Umar Sharif, MA. It is also dedicated to the promotion and propagation of the Traditional Afro-Asian Martial and Healing Arts. Our goal is to inform, educate, inspire, encourage, and motivate others to improve their lives by applying The Wisdom of the Ancients.

As your teacher and host, Seifu Sharif [aka: Xia` Xue' Gong] [aka: Tobi Alakoso] is dedicated to helping each of you to remember and nurture the Spirit of Wu-Te and the powers dormant within you.

Training Workshops

Seifu A.S. Umar Sharif, MA, offers his many years of experience in Qigong for Wellness and Stress Management (.pdf Brochure), personal self defense, individual and group security, education and training, and social sciences to you in his special training programs for individuals and organizations seeking to increase health, performance, and security.

Restrain, Arrest, and Detain

The RAD Training Program: Effective Use of Non-Lethal Force is a 6 week, 18 hour program for Security Guards, Bouncers, Police Officers, other Security officers, Executive Personnel, and especially women. RAD stands for Restrain, Arrest, and Detain. The six three-hour sessions focus on techniques necessary in close quarter situations to quickly restrain, physically arrest, and safely detain protocol violators. The RAD Training Program includes instruction that is useful from both Personal and Homeland Security perspectives. It is an excellent program for executives, women, travelers, and others who sense a high or heightened personal security risk.

The RAD Training Program is also offered as a 15 hour weekend intensive. It is an excellent program available to hotels and resorts as a special service to your guests and valuable training for your own security staff. RAD is also a dynamic program to include in your company retreats.

Strategic Techniques to Escape Predators

The Your STEP Program is a 3 week, 6 hour program for parents who want to provide their children with basic self-defense and personal security training. STEP stands for Your Strategic Techniques to Escape Predators. The training workshop is geared towards parents and their children ages 8 - 16 years old. Parents must attend the training workshops and participate with their children. The Your STEP Program includes instruction in awareness trainng, basic anatomy, danger signs, relaxing under pressure, basic body movements, and targets and tools for escape.

Contact us for more information about minimum and maximum enrollments, program fees and registration, and to schedule a workshop series.

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