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Me'je Oruka



7 Animals of Me'je Oruka

Tiger Style


Dragon Style


Crane Style


Monkey Style


Mantis Style


Snake Style


Eagle Style




This website is dedicated to the Students of Seifu A.S. Umar Sharif, MA. It is also dedicated to the promotion and propagation of the Traditional Afro-Asian Martial and Healing Arts. Our goal is to inform, educate, inspire, encourage, and motivate others to improve their lives by applying The Wisdom of the Ancients.

As your teacher and host, Seifu Sharif [aka: Xia` Xue' Gong] [aka: Tobi Alakoso] is dedicated to helping each of you to remember and nurture the Spirit of Wu-Te and the powers dormant within you.

Alakoso Sharif's Tai Chi Masters

Master Li Shixin & Madam Chen

Master Li Shixin (middle) Beijing University, Beijing, China [1995]
Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Madam Chen (left) Beijing University, Beijing, China [1995]
Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (left)

Alakoso on Great Wall

Alakoso on Great Wall



Madam Li (right) Qufu University, Qufu, China [1995]
Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Madam Master Li



African Roots and Ancestral Traditions

Chief Adelekan Cowry Shell

Tobi Alakoso Sharif has traveled to Africa and is an Babalawo (Priest) of Orisa Obatala and a member of the Isoro Traditional Council of Chiefs in the Ifa Tradition of Nigeria, West Africa. He was a protege of the late Chief Adeyela Adelekan (Profile), The Mediator of Babalawos (fully initiated Ifa Priests and Priestesses) worldwide. Sharif is also a practitioner of the African Spiritual Healing Traditions and Head Priest of Ile Awo Orisa (The House of the Mysteries of Orisa). He practices and teaches several techniques of Meditation and Trance Utilization. Seifu Sharif has taught in New York, Arizona, Hawaii, and China, and has students scattered across the U.S. and world.

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