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7 Animals of Me'je Oruka

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Dragon Style


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Monkey Style


Mantis Style


Snake Style


Eagle Style




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As your teacher and host, Seifu Sharif [aka: Xia` Xue' Gong] [aka: Tobi Alakoso] is dedicated to helping each of you to remember and nurture the Spirit of Wu-Te and the powers dormant within you.

Grand Master Alan Lee

Grandmaster LeeGrandmaster Alan Lee (Li, Yueh-Ting) is a master of both the Northern and Southern Shaolin styles of Chinese kung fu wu su. He started his training in the martial arts at the age of 7 years old under his father's tutelage. His father, Li Ten Tong, was a renowned Master of the Southern Stone Fist style. Grandmaster Lee subsequently went to Peking and studied under Grandmaster Ghi, a well-known and respected teacher of the Northern wu-su styles. These became Grandmaster Lee's favored systems.

After leaving Peking, Grandmaster Lee traversed the entire Chinese countryside 3 times, studying with over twenty-six different instructors. This was faciltiated by the fact that Grandmaster Lee comes from a famous family. His uncle, Li Juon Yeun, also a Southern style Master and one of Grandmaster Lee's early instructors, was a prominent General who was the first military leader to defeat the Japanese in battle. Grand Master Lee still resides in New York City, USA and continues to share his wisdom and training in the healing arts with a select number of students and clients.



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