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Me'je Oruka



7 Animals of Me'je Oruka

Tiger Style


Dragon Style


Crane Style


Monkey Style


Mantis Style


Snake Style


Eagle Style




This website is dedicated to the Students of Seifu A.S. Umar Sharif, MA. It is also dedicated to the promotion and propagation of the Traditional Afro-Asian Martial and Healing Arts. Our goal is to inform, educate, inspire, encourage, and motivate others to improve their lives by applying The Wisdom of the Ancients.

As your teacher and host, Seifu Sharif [aka: Xia` Xue' Gong] [aka: Tobi Alakoso] is dedicated to helping each of you to remember and nurture the Spirit of Wu-Te and the powers dormant within you.

Questions & Answers

This page and link are devoted to your process of collaborative learning. You can send me your questions via email by clicking on the Contact Us link in the menu. Your question(s) can be based on your personal training experiences, information provided in the Site Library, or in response to one of my Post in our Blog which is now located right here on the website. When I was a student with Grand Master Alan Lee I remember that there were two occasions that were always very special. One occasion was when everyone showed up and the class was full of activity and energy. The other occasion was when very few students showed up and we got to spend quality time with Grand Master Lee.

Today, with all of our electronic technology, you can have the best of both worlds. You can coordinate group training session with your peers and instructors, and you can ask those questions of your teachers that would otherwise go unanswered. The answer to your question(s) may become the subject of one of my Post (you will remain anonymous) and be of benefit to many other students as well. Earlier students of these traditions would envy the opportunity you have. Muni ipa ifa! Seize the advantage! I look forward to hearing from you!

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